Godox AD300Pro 2 Flash Backpack Kit – AD300 Pro Outdoor Dual Flashes



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Godox AD300Pro 2 Flash Backpack Kit – AD300 Pro Outdoor Dual Flashes

The AD300Pro Dual Flashes Backpack Kit from Godox doubles the capabilities of this versatile, 300Ws, battery-powered flash head. The kit includes two AD300pro flash heads, each with a lithium-ion battery that will give you 300 full power flashes, a charger, and power cord. Godox also includes two umbrellas, and a carry case for storage and transport.

Key Features:
– 2x AD300Pro Flash Heads
– 2x Umbrellas
– 300Ws, Recycling: 0.01 to 1.5 Seconds
– 9-Stop Power Range, HSS to 1/8000 sec
– Li-Ion Battery: 300 Full Power Flashes
– LED Modeling Light: 3000 to 6000K

Included items:
– 2x AD300Pro Light
– 2x Battery
– 2x Wall Plug
– 2x Battery Charger
– 1x CB20 Backpack
– 1x AD-S60S Softbox with Diffusers and Grids
– 1x UBL-085T Umbrella with Black Diffuser Cover
– 1x UBL-085S Umbrella with Transparent Diffuser Cover

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